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Are you tired of the endless waiting game trying to draw a once in a lifetime elk hunting tag or license and getting those nope notes? How about another unsuccessful notice in the mail or in your email inbox, does that make you happy? Purchase a landowner tag so you can start preparing for your hunt now, no need to wait for the draw. If you are looking for landowner tags for your future hunt, look no further. Hunters Domain Landowner Tags offers private or ranch only land owner vouchers as well as unit wide landowner tags.  We even have hunts, landowner tags and other trips available for trade or barter through our exchange system. Post your landowner tags, or just browse our categories to find your perfect hunt for elk, mule deer, antelope, bear or and other landowner tags. You can also post your hunting classified ads to exchange/sell, or find the hunting products you want and need.

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call Jimmy Horton @ 936-635-0929 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Colorado landowner tags:

Colorado landowner tags are available to any rancher that owns a minimum of one hundred sixty acres of land in one contiguous tract. Basically if it is used for crop production or to raise livestock they can apply for any species landowner tag, providing that species has state licenses sold in that unit for that species. The maximum number of Colorado landowner tags one land owner can actually apply for is 6 regardless of the total number of contiguous acres they may own. The landowners utilize a draw system similar to the one hunters utilize and if successful they receive a paper voucher that can be thrown away, sold, given away or transferred and used by any eligible hunter that meets the Colorado Division of Wildlife rules and regulations. The voucher upon receipt by the hunter must then be exchanged and redeemed at a DOW office for the license. The landowner voucher exchange price is the total price for a valid license example a non resident that redeems his voucher for an elk license will pay the current year non resident Colorado elk hunting license. Colorado issues up to 15% of any units that they are available in for mule deer vouchers, elk landowner tags, antelope land owner tags in all the units that have no over the counter tags or are totally limited draw areas for archery, muzzleloader or firearms hunt permits. The draw only areas in Colorado are absolutely no comparison to the over the counter licenses that many non-residents have cut their western big game hunting teeth on as these units have animals that can often be called, stalked and hunted the way hunting should be and the extra cost makes the tag worth every penny. The difference is night and day between over the counter and limited draw and a voucher gives outdoorsman the ability to try these units without waiting years and years applying and applying unsuccessfully. The tag system is also a great way to hunt the premium unit for a cow or doe prior to drawing one of the coveted licenses.

Colorado elk landowner tags:

Colorado has several units that allow land owners to receive vouchers that can be transferred one time by either gift or sale. The best trophy units to hunt elk are 1, 2, 10, 61, 76, 40 and 201 but many units offer great opportunities to harvest nice 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 bulls. Hunters that wish to take complete advantage of the landowner tag system may consider paying a deposit for a particular tag prior to the draw and if they get lucky in the draw re-sale the voucher before actually taking possesion. This insures an individual that they are headed to the elk mountains and keeps an elk hunter inspired to stay in shape and be preparing for the upcoming season.  Shooting their bow at the range or in local archery tournaments keeps and archer sharp. Taking a bull elk with a bow is very challenging but having honed your skills all summer can do nothing but help when that crucial shot opportunity arises. Rifle hunters or muzzleloader enthusiast can practice at the local range or by possibly attending some friendly competitive silhouette target practice.

Colorado mule deer landowner tags:

Colorado has been the leader in trophy mule deer hunting for years and continues to be one of the easiest and best places in  the west to harvest a bruiser mule deer. Colorado offers a wide variety of terrain from the eastern rolling plains, canyon country to steep mountains. They offer forests, desert mountains and sage brush flats. Bucks hitting the 200 mark come out of the state every year and a land owner voucher are the easiest way to get to the woods every year.

Nevada landowner tags:

Nevada landowner tags offer the trophy hunter on of the greatest opportunities in the west to take a monster mule deer buck or a 350 + whooper bull elk. The availability of Nevada tags is very limited and hunters desiring to harvest a once in a lifetime bull or buck should not hesitate when one comes available. Nevada continues to be a leader in trophy western big game hunting.

Utah landowner tags:

Utah landowner tags/vouchers/land owner tags offer the trophy elk or mule deer hunter an excellent chance to pursue a B&C buck or bull in the west. Utah landowner tags are issued by the state of UT and are  limited as to the quantity of vouchers so hunters desiring to harvest a once in a lifetime bull or buck in the great hunting state of Utah should not delay as these tags typically do not last long. Utah for the last decade has been on the forefront of producing trophy bull elk and mule deer Do not wait call Jimmy Horton 936-635-0929 TODAY to buy your next hunting adventure tag.

New  Mexico landowner  tags:

New Mexico landowner tags are basically issued to ranch owners or land owners that receive a tag for crop damage or property damage such as fences from state owned game or wildlife such as elk, mule deer, whitetail deer or antelope. The New Mexico Game & Fish utilizes a system that re-pays with New Mexico landowner tags for the amount of damage they deem  wildlife has done to the ranches fences, crops or water sources. The more  landowner vouchers a ranch receives the more land they own and or the more New Mexico big game utilizes that particular piece of land. Unit 15, 16A, 36, 34, 16D, 13, 17 16E, 16C, 16B, 6A and a host of other units are good hunting with the aforementioned being the top trophy units in the state. The Gila Mountain units of 15, 16 a, 16 b, 16 c, 16 d and 16 e consistenly produce monster bull elk.

New Mexico Elk Landowner Tags:

There are 2 types of New Mexico landowner tags for elk, ranch only (good for only the ranch issued and printed on voucher and license) and unit wide (good for the entire unit or private land with permission). A state elk license must be purchased using the voucher prior to hunting.

New Mexico Antelope Landowner Tags:

New Mexico antelope landowner tags are only  good for the ranch they were issued for and a state antelope license must be purchased using the voucher prior to hunting.

New Mexico Mule Deer Landowner Tags:

The New Mexico deer landowner tags are for use on private land only just as the antelope tags and a hunter must also purchase a  state deer license prior to hunting. New Mexico hunters kill a few  monster bucks across the state every year.